4 Jun 2015

KanaVape Review 2015: by Vaperex (UK)

To find out more about KanaVape, you can check out our KanaVape info blog post, or head to our main website’s KanaVape page Delivery Time My KanaVape took exactly 7 days to arrive from ordering. The first few
28 May 2015

What is KanaVape? – Is it safe, and is it legal in the UK in 2015?

What is KanaVape? KanaVape is a cig-a-like rechargeable hemp infused e-cigarette. It contains various Cannabinoids from the hemp plant, primarily CBD at 5% by weight. It has an 808 battery (Like the one seen below), takes pre-filled cartomizers (also seen
2 Mar 2015

Vaping Safely; Important Safety Points For Vapers

Hello! There’s not too much beyond common sense on vaping safely, but we’ve been reading, talking, and generally finding out what the main safety issues and worries tethered to e-cigarettes that there are, and the main solutions
19 Feb 2015

The Dry Hit; The Causes, and How to Avoid it.

Most vapers have been there. You’re happily vaping with your favourite flavour, blowing clouds up into the air. You go to take another vape, and are greeted with a horrific burnt taste. Some sort of mixture between
12 Feb 2015

How to Inhale When Vaping

Inhaling when vaping isn’t too difficult, but it can be a little alien to begin with for a lot of smokers. I’d say there’s 2 main differences between inhaling an e-cigarette and smoking a cigarette. The main
22 Jan 2015

How To Manipulate the E-Cigarette Throat Hit

Here’s a few things you can learn about this sometimes elusive throat hit – the definition and various ways to manipulate it. What is a Throat Hit? Throat hit is a tingling sensation at the back of
19 Jan 2015

E-Liquid (Nicotine) Safety – Particularly With Children

If handled properly, you should never have to worry about the e-juice that is used in electronic cigarettes. With that in mind, it is recommended that liquids be stored in a cool spot, preferably lower than room
20 Dec 2014

7 Random Truths About E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are becoming all the rage. Millions of ex-smokers, including some well-known celebrities are using them to get away from the dangers of filling your lungs with tobacco smoke. There must be a reason for all this. There
18 Dec 2014

Top Tips For New Vapers

Switching from cigarettes to the new system known as e-cigarettes is exciting. You are taking a big step from away from the life of cigarettes – away from nicotine-stained fingers, persistent coughing and that toxic tobacco smell –